Supporting your job searching journey

If you’re someone who’s tired of juggling multiple job postings, losing track of where you’ve applied, and spending hours writing apply letters, Joblee might be just what you need.

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Easy to add new jobs in an organized way.

All job statuses are color coded so you can always see in one glance what the current status is.

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Write your letters quicker

Write your letters quicker with the letter builder. 

The letter builder gives you the option to write a letter within seconds. But how does it work? Very easy. With every job or company you add you can write a job specific part of the letter. That combined with the general part of the letter that you can write in the letter builder forms your apply letter. 

This all you can send with just one click from within the app.

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Keep track of your progress

Keeping track of your progress can be quite difficult. This is why Joblee has a statistics page. Here you can find all the goals you set and the progress you made on it.

Statistics page - Joblee app